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Traditional Oriental (Chinese) Herbal Medicine consists of over 5000 substances derived from mostly plant, animal (some), and mineral sources.

Individual substances are rarely prescribed alone in Traditional Oriental Medicine. A carefully balanced recipe of several different herbs is specifically tailored for each person’s entire health condition. Each herb is chosen for its own specific functions. In addition, herbs can enhance the strengths and reduce the side effects of each other. The combination of substances in a formula creates a new therapeutic agent that can treat much more effectively and completely than a single substance.

The herbs are available in the form of herbal teas, liquid extracts, tablets, capsules, granules, powders, sprays, etc.

In Oriental Medicine, we are able to assess a person’s whole constitution (the health of his/her whole body) and treat the root (or cause) of a health concern along with a branch (or the symptoms) of a health concern. It is in this way that we are able to treat a person’s whole body and mind, rather than the symptom solely itself.

Herbs are also used for prevention and maintenance of one’s body. It can restore and fortify a person’s body to its optimal condition.

In addition, one of the most appealing qualities of Oriental Medicine is the low risk of adverse reaction or side effects. Herbal medicine uses all the constituents of the plant, including the cellulose. The herbs are completely balanced, and therefore have minimal side effects.

The most commonly reported adverse reaction is the medicine’s minor gastrointestinal upset. Modifying the herbal formula or adding herbs to strengthen the digestive system can remedy this. If you do notice any side effects, please stop taking your herbs and consult us right away.

Herbs can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, such as:


  •     Strengthening the immune system
  •     Relieving anxiety and depression
  •     Promoting digestion
  •     Increasing energy
  •     Balancing hormones
  •     Insomnia
  •     Treating gynecological disorders
  •     Improving athletic performance
  •     Enhancing organ function
  •     Strengthening libido
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